Goal nets
of the finest quality

The website sporthalo.hu is operated by Kötéltechnika Kft. This company is the market leader in the field of safety nets and sports mesh fabrication in Hungary. We are Hungarian manufacturers; our products are made in Hungary with European quality standards. We produce according to standard and special sizes, too. The ordered products – if they are in stock – can be shipped by the next day by a delivery company. Our philosophy is to combine the old and the new: Kötéltechnika Kft. is characterized by 21th century attitude towards traditional products.

Safety nets

Our company is engaged in manufacturing nets, thus we produce all kinds of safety nets necessary for ball games - either in standard sizes or according to specific needs.

Each net material is UV-resistant, so our products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In order to get the net perfectly stretched, PVC coated wire ropes, which are on the upper part of the net are usually the part of our offer.

The net gets rope or sewn hem reinforcements at the bottom and side parts, thus it withstands even the greatest wear and tear as much as possible at the attachment points. Thanks to these accessories, installing the net is very simple: the upper wire rope has to be stretched and the corner points have to be fixed.

Goal nets

Uniquely in Hungary, our company manufactures machine knitted sport goal nets!

These nets comply with the highest international standards. The nets can be made from polypropylene and polyester, too. All our sport nets have reinforcement stitching to make them the most durable as possible. The following nets are always in stock, thus in case of order, standard products can be shipped immediately. On our site, all kinds of sport net can be purchased during opening hours.

Tennis nets

We manufacture the toughest tennis nets which are made of a polyester material. They have durable upper mesh reinforcements, and five-lined upper parts.

These tennis nets are suitable for conducting international ITF tournaments, too!

Tennis nets:
Width: 12,72 m
Height: 1,07m

Volleyball nets

We produce three types of volleyball nets. The hobby volleyball net is suitable for volleyball matches with friends and family. For professional use, we also produce training nets and competition volleyball nets with a special quality.

These nets are suitable for FIVB competitions as well!
Pick your choice!

Volleyball nets:
Width: 9,5 m
Height: 1 m

Climbing nets

Beside manufacturing of machine knitted safety and goal nets, our company also produces climbing nets. These nets can be made from natural materials (hemp, jute) and artificial materials (PP-tex or Polypropylene) as well.

As these nets have no standards or general dimensions, each climbing net is handmade uniquely to order at all times. The size of the product is adjusted to the supporting structure. The characteristics of our climbing nets meet the international standards of playgrounds.

At the request of our clients, we give advice to develop the supporting structure. We believe that the consultation is important, because the supporting structure may affect the durability of the net, and we also keep in mind the economic aspects while designing, too.